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CommonBond – Student Loan Refinancing

Student Loan Refinancing:

Here at Veolia, we know that many of our employees struggle with student loan debt. We are excited to announce that Veolia has partnered with CommonBond to help you manage your student loans!



  • What is it? Refinancing means taking out a new loan – at a lower interest rate – to replace your old loans. CommonBond members save over $24,046, on average, by refinancing. 1
  • Who’s it for? Refinancing is best for those that have a strong credit and income profile. If you don’t qualify on your own, you can add a creditworthy co-signer to complete the process and save on your student loans. Plus, as a Veolia employee, you’ll get a $200 cash bonus when you refinance with CommonBond. 2   To receive the $200 bonus, remember to begin your refinance application on the Veolia landing page here:


Have More Questions?

Contact CommonBond Customer Service at (800) 975-7812, via email at, or online at


1 Savings calculation of $24,046 is based on student loans refinanced with CommonBond between 1/1/17 and 1/31/17. Savings is calculated as the difference between borrowers’ estimated future payments for their previously held loans and their future expected payments after refinancing with CommonBond. The calculation is a weighted average dollar savings of CommonBond refinance loans and assumes interest rates will not change over time, members make all payments on time, members enroll in ACH, and they do not pre-pay their loans. CommonBond’s average savings methodology excludes refinance loans during the period mentioned above in which members elect a refinance loan with longer maturity than their existing student loans, the term length of the member’s original student loan(s) is greater is than 30 years, and the member did not provide sufficient information regarding his or her outstanding balance, loan type, APR, or current monthly payment.

2 $200 to be credited to your PayPal account or check to be mailed to the postal address in your loan application within 6 weeks of loan funding. Lending decisions are not impacted in any way by participation in this offer. Offer is non-transferable. No substitutions. Limit one offer per loan.