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Mental Skills Bootcamp: Performing at Your Best! │ Wednesday, February 10

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  1. Develop a growth mindset
  2. Maintain motivation and overcome obstacles
  3. Leverage your strengths and the strengths of others

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Sleep health

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Being well rested can improve so many aspects of your life. Work-Life is available 24/7 to provide support and tools to help. Access Work-Life for information on:

  • Finding a new mattress and bedding to refresh your room
  • Locating a professional to organize your sleep space
  • Searching fitness and healthy eating resources
  • Researching local sleep studies and clinics

Getting help online is easy! From webinars, live talks and audio to articles and downloadable guides, Work-Life can help you find your balance. Contact Magellan Health at (800) 324-8914 or online at


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