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Hinge Health

Veolia North America has partnered with Hinge Health, a program to help you overcome back, knee, and hip pain. Hinge Health offers digital programs that allow you to perform Physical Therapy right from home. Thousands of people have completed the program, cutting their pain by 60% after just 12 weeks. 


How to Sign-Up:

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Learn More about Hinge Health:

Participation is completely free to you and your dependents at least 18 years of age and enrolled in the Veolia North America UHC medical plan. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a Welcome Kit with a tablet computer and wearable sensors that guide you through the exercises. You will also be paired with a personal health coach who tailors the program to your needs. So, if back or knee pain are stopping you from the things you love, click HERE to learn more and register today!


Have More Questions?

Please contact Hinge Health at (855) 902-2777 or via email at