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Short-Term Disability (STD)

Veolia’s Short-Term Disability Policy is administered by Lincoln Financial.  Eligible employees are automatically enrolled for company-paid short-term disability.  This document will walk you through the steps on how to report a disability claim to Lincoln Financial.  Please contact Lincoln Financial Group at 844-247-4446 or online at  to file a claim. If you have any additional questions regarding Veolia’s leave of absence programs, please contact your local Human Resources Business Partner.

When Do I Report a Claim/Leave?

  • Your own serious illness, disability, or maternity leave: You may report a claim up to 30 days in advance of a
    planned disability absence OR as soon as you are aware that you will be disabled due to illness or injury for 7 or
    more calendar days.
  • Your family member’s serious illness, military leave, or your own intermittent leave: You may report a leave
    when you will be out of work for more than 3 consecutive days or intermittently to care for an immediate family
    member suffering a serious illness or to care for a newborn, foster or adopted child.

Click HERE for detail instructions to report or view an existing claim online.

Your treating physician’s office may require you to sign an authorization form to allow Lincoln Financial to request your medical records directly from your physician. If they do not provide the form, click HERE to print out a generic form to take to your physician’s office.

Note: You should inform your physician that you are applying for leave of absence and ask them to respond to any request from Lincoln Financial as soon as possible.


Summary of STD Benefits for Active, Full-Time Hourly Veolia North America Employees:

2024 Summary of STD Benefits

2023 Summary of Benefits

*Note: If you are represented by a bargaining unit, you may not be eligible for the benefits described in the above Summary of Benefits.  If a separate summary for your bargaining unit is not listed below, please refer to your union contract, which identifies any VNA benefits for which you may be eligible.


Summary of STD Benefits for Active, Full-Time Hourly Gum Springs Union Employees:

Summary of Benefits


States with Leave Plans File with Lincoln for State Plan and STD File with both Lincoln and the State State Website to Apply
California   X
Connecticut   X
Rhode Island   X
Washington   X
Hawaii X    
Massachusetts X    
New Jersey (STD only) X    
New Jersey (PFL)   X
New York X    


2024 Plan Information 



2023 Short Term Disability SPDs:

All employees represented by a collective bargaining agreement that includes the company standard short term disability benefit plan (excluding Gum Springs)

All Employees, eligible for Short Term Disability coverage, excluding those covered under a collective bargaining agreement

All active full-time hourly Gum Springs union Employees



Click HERE for state specific disability information.


If you need additional information, please email