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Service Award Program


We are happy to announce that beginning July 1, 2023, we will enhance our employee milestone anniversary program on the Awesome Recognition platform. This is another step forward as we continue to harmonize our programs and benefits. We will continue to honor and celebrate employees who reach milestone anniversaries with VNA, combining all vendors into one system, the Awesome Recognition Platform.

Starting July 1, all employee milestone anniversary acknowledgements and employee gifts will be available through the Awesome program. In the process, we will be transitioning from CA Short (Legacy VNA United States) and OC Tanner (Legacy VNA Canada) and merging them into one platform. New Veolia employees will see no change to the program.

On their actual anniversary date, employees will receive a celebratory message displayed on their Awesome page, with a link for them to redeem a gift.

The program is designed the same way for the entire organization.

  • All permanent full-time and part-time employees are recognized for every five years of service. (based on adjusted service date)
  • Managers will receive an anniversary package that should be presented to the recipient (in person or virtually) as recognition of their work and dedication within the company.
  • Employees will then have the opportunity to choose a service anniversary gift.


Access to the Awesome Program


If any employee has an unclaimed gift with CA Short, they can claim it within a full calendar year of their anniversary date, up until December 31, 2023.


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