Your Veolia Benefits

Service Award Program

In September 2020, Veolia updated it’s service award program. The updated program will be provided in the form of a tangible gift. Recipients will be able to choose from a wide selection of options available at CA Short, click HERE. Under the service award program the gifts are not taxable.


Who is Eligible?

All permanent full-time and part-time employees are eligible for the service award program.

The program will recognize the following milestone anniversaries based on adjusted service date in OneHub:


5 20 35
10 25 40
15 30 45


Service award packages will be shipped to your manager’s work address during the month you achieve your service milestone. The package will include your Certificate of recognition, User ID and Password to log on to to choose your gift.  A gift must be selected within one year of  your anniversary date and will expire at termination of employment.

Also, service award packages will include information for managers on how to present the service recognition to their direct report(s), click HERE. 



Have More Questions?

Please contact CA Short at (800) 535-5690 or via email at