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Delta Dental Plan

Veolia offers dental coverage using the Delta Dental of Illinois network of dental providers. Under the dental plan, you can go to any dentist you choose. However, you will pay less for care when you use a Delta Dental PPO or Premier in-network dentist. To find an in-network dentist, visit or call (800) 323-1743. Additional information on how Delta Dental’s Standard Coordination of Benefits works is available HERE.

Delta Dental Plan for VNA Employees:

2020 Summary of Dental Benefits

*Note: If you are represented by a bargaining unit, you may not be eligible for the benefits described in the above summary. If a separate summary for your bargaining unit is not listed below, please refer to your union contract, which identifies any Company benefits for which you may be eligible.

Delta Dental Plan for Kendall Union Employees:

Summary of Dental Benefits

Delta Dental Plan for Gum Springs Union Employees:

Summary of Dental Benefits


Delta Dental Enhanced Benefits Program:

Delta Dental of Illinois offers additional services to people who have specific health conditions, including:

*Periodontal (gum) disease
*High-risk cardiac conditions
*Kidney failure or who are undergoing dialysis
*Cancer-related chemotherapy and/or radiation
*Suppressed immune systems due to HIV positive status, organ transplant, and/or stem cell (bone
marrow) transplant

If you have one or more of these medical conditions, you must enroll in the Enhanced Benefits Program to become eligible for the additional benefits. You can enroll yourself and/or your dependents, or your dentist can enroll you.  Once you are enrolled, you are immediately eligible for the enhanced benefits. Please click HERE to see how you can enroll in the Enhanced Benefits Program.

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