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Veolia North America 401(k) Savings Plan

Important Information about Fidelity Transition

Helping you be prepared for the transition to Fidelity.

Reminder, the Veolia 401(k) Plans will move to Fidelity effective July 1, 2020.

As you have heard, the HR and benefits team is always looking for new ways to add value to VNA employees’ compensation packages. We strive to work with our partners and vendors to offer VNA employees best in class benefits, support and programs. We recently completed a review of retirement plan providers and are excited to share that we have selected Fidelity Investments® effective July 1, 2020. (This does not affect Canadian employees.)

Veolia is committed to offering you resources to help you map out your retirement goals — and along with Fidelity, we’re here to help you at every step in your journey.  You received initial information from us here and in the U.S. Mail directly from Fidelity. 

We wanted to give you an opportunity to preview the information that you will be receiving from Fidelity. 

Start with this checklist (link to transition checklist previously provided) to make the most out of the transition to Fidelity:


The VNA 401(k) savings plan offers you the ability to make contributions in the form of regular pre-tax or Roth after-tax contributions, provides company matching contributions, and an accelerated vesting schedule.

Please review these Plan Highlights for more information on the VNA 401(k) Savings Plan and how to enroll and manage your account. If you are represented by a bargaining unit, you may not be eligible for the benefits described in the above document (please see below for information on the union plan).

For information about the most up-to-date investment options available through the VNA Plan, please HERE.

Summary Plan Description:

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires plan administrators to provide a Summary Plan Description (SPD) to participants, describing their rights, benefits, and responsibilities under the plan in understandable language.

The SPD for the Veolia North America 401(k) Savings Plan can be found HERE.

IRS Determination of Tax-Qualified Plan Status:

The Internal Revenue Service periodically reviews tax-qualified retirement plans to determine whether they comply with Internal Revenue Code rules, which allow employers to provide tax-favored benefits to employees.  In connection with the review process, Veolia North America is required to inform participants of their right to submit comments to the IRS and Department of Labor regarding the plan’s compliance with applicable Internal Revenue Code rules.

For additional information on this process, please read through this notice for the VNA 401(k) Savings Plan.


Have More Questions?

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