Your Veolia Benefits

New Hires

Important Information:

You MUST take action to enroll in your benefits or waive coverage within 45 days of your hire date. If you bypass the medical section or do not make a specific choice during your online enrollment, you will automatically be enrolled as of your effective date and deductions will be taken immediately from your paycheck:

  • Medical insurance (HSA Silver plan with employee-only coverage)
  • Basic life insurance
  • Basic AD&D insurance
  • Core long-term disability (LTD) insurance


  • If you do not want to be enrolled in a medical plan and pay the associated employee contribution, you must waive medical coverage within 45 days of your hire date.
  • If you do not change it, you will continue to be enrolled in the default coverage as of your effective date and deductions will be taken from your paycheck. *(except for certain collectively bargained employees.)
  • Employees may not be covered as both an employee and as a dependent under the Veolia North America benefits program.  This includes medical, dental, vision, life and AD&D insurance.
  • With regard to dependent coverage, when both parents of a dependent are VNA employees, only one parent may enroll that dependent for coverage.  You will be required to provide documentation to verify the eligibility of your dependents (see Step 3 below).

Step 1: Review Your Enrollment Materials

You will receive information regarding VNA’s benefits plans and programs from Veolia’s on-boarding team or from your local Human Resources representative.  You can also access electronic copies of your enrollment materials under the Benefits Enrollment Guides and Benefits Rate Sheets links. For your Summary of Benefits, click HERE

2023 Benefits Presentation


Step 2:  Enroll in Benefits

Automatic sign-on is available to the Benefits Enrollment System if you select the link while navigating from One Hub or while logged in to your email. If you are logging in from an external computer that does not connect to the Veolia intranet, then you should click the applicable link below.


I’m on the Veolia Intranet I’d like to enroll with one click                                

I’m on my home computer or mobile device

If you prefer to enroll by phone, contact the Veolia Benefits Center at (844) 690-0918 and a representative can walk you through the process and assist with questions you may have.  Representatives are available from 7:30am to 6pm CST Monday through Friday except holidays.

Instructions for Logging In:

Step 1: Your username is Veolia followed by your employee ID number (no spaces)    Example: Veolia10012345
Step 2: Your initial password is your full Date of Birth followed by the last four digits of your Social Security Number.  Example: if your birthday is 01/05/1975 and your social security number is 123456789, your default password will be 010519756789.
Step 3: Click  LOGIN

Step 3:  Verification of Dependents Enrolled for Coverage

You must provide valid documentation for each dependent you elect to enroll within 45 days of your date of hire.  The good news is that you can now provide the substantiation documentation during your enrollment!  Click HERE for the list of documents that satisfy the substantiation requirement.  We suggest that you have your documentation available electronically so that you can upload it as you make your enrollment selections.