Your Veolia Benefits

Qualifying Life Events

You will not be allowed to make changes to any of your benefit elections outside of Annual Enrollment unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event (QLE).


QLEs Include the Following:

► Marriage, divorce, or establishment or dissolution of a domestic partnership

► Birth or adoption of a child

► Loss or gain of other coverage


Review Benefits Information:

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are changing your benefits between November 7 and December 31, 2023, you MUST also elect your 2024 benefits. For information on 2024 benefits, please see the Annual Enrollment page.


How to Process Your QLE:

If you experience a QLE, you have a window of 31 days from the date of the event to make any necessary changes to your elections and to submit substantiating documentation for the QLE, if required.  You can easily log in to the Benefits Enrollment System by clicking one of the links below and select “life event” or call the Veolia Benefits Center for assistance.


I’m on the Veolia Intranet – I’d like to make my changes with one click                              

I’m on my home computer or mobile device

If you prefer to make the applicable updates by phone, contact the Veolia Benefits Center at (844) 690-0918 and a representative can walk you through the process and assist with questions you may have.  Representatives are available from 7:30am to 6pm CST, Monday through Friday except holidays.




How to Substantiate a QLE:

Documentation may be required to substantiate the QLE. Please click HERE to view a list of substantiating QLE documentation. If required, documentation must be submitted within 45 days of the date of the QLE.

Adding a Newborn to Coverage:

DO NOT WAIT to receive the Social Security Number or state birth certificate to add your newborn. You must call the Benefit Center or login and add your newborn child within 45 days of the child’s birth. A hospital record of the child’s birth indicating the date of birth, child’s name, and parent’s name can also be used as substantiation documentation.

If you are adding a newborn child, you only need the child’s name and date of birth to add the newborn to your coverage The newborn’s Social Security Number can be provided at a later date.  After the newborn has been added, you will receive a request to provide the required documentation (the newborn’s hospital documentation or legal birth certificate) to support the newly added dependent’s eligibility.  You can either upload that directly to your Benefits System profile, or submit it to the Benefit Center.

How to Verify Dependents Enrolled for Coverage:

You will be required to provide documentation supporting the eligibility of dependents.  If you will be enrolling dependents, remember that dependent verification is required.  The good news is that you can now provide the substantiation documentation during your enrollment!  Click HERE for the list of documents that satisfy the substantiation requirement.  We suggest that you have your documentation available electronically (for example, take a picture of your marriage certificate) so you can upload it as you enroll.

If the required documentation is not submitted or uploaded within 45 days of making your election, your dependent(s) will be removed from your coverage.  It is highly recommended that you read all benefits communications mailed to your home to ensure you provide the documentation within the allotted time frame.