Your Veolia Benefits

Leave of Absence Policies and Procedures

Veolia acknowledges that employees may need to request a leave of absence for reasons which may qualify for leave under local, state and federal law.  Veolia is committed to fully complying with all laws permitting such leaves of absence.  Veolia encourages employees who have the need for a leave of absence for matters involving family, medical or similar reasons to contact the Company’s leave administrator as soon as possible:

This document will walk you through the steps on how to report a leave of absence to Lincoln Financial.


Lincoln Financial Group

(844) 247-4446

Company Code: VEOLIA


Click HERE for detail instructions to report or view an existing claim online.


Your treating physician’s office may require you to sign an authorization form to allow Lincoln Financial to request your medical records directly from your physician. If they do not provide the form, click HERE to print out a generic form to take to your physician’s office.

Note: You should inform your physician that you are applying for leave of absence and ask them to respond to any request from Lincoln Financial as soon as possible.


Veolia has written policies regarding Family and Medical Leaves of Absence, as well as Military Leaves of Absence.