Your Veolia Benefits

Update Information (Dependent Social Security Number (SSN) or Change Dependent/Beneficiary Information)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to report to the IRS all individuals receiving medical coverage, including their Social Security Number (SSN).  Although Veolia has SSNs for all employees, we do not have them for all of our employees’ dependents.  Veolia will reach out to employees who have missing dependent Social Security Numbers.


How to Update Dependent or Beneficiary Information:

To provide a missing dependent SSN or make updates to a dependent or beneficiary, you have two options available to you.  You can call the Veolia Benefits Center or you can also use the online Benefits Enrollment System to update a dependent’s SSN/information or change beneficiary information.  The phone number for the Veolia Benefits Center:  (844) 690-0918.  Representatives are available from 7:30am-6pm CST, Monday through Friday except holidays.  If you would like to log in and update your record personally, click the applicable link below.


Automatic sign-on is available to the Benefits Enrollment System if you select the link while navigating from One Hub or while logged in to your email. If you are logging in from an external computer that does not connect to the Veolia intranet, then you should click the applicable link below.

I’m on the Veolia Intranet I’d like to enroll with one click – CLICK TO ENROLL                                

I’m on my home computer or mobile device – CLICK TO ENROLL


Once there, click on Benefits Profile to update or edit your information.