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Dependent Care FSA

You can contribute up to $5,000 per family to the Dependent Care FSA each year. This FSA can be used to cover DAYCARE expenses for an eligible dependent (a child or a dependent adult), such as nursery or day care costs, so you and your spouse can work.  

Find more information about submitting claims through Optum Financial and eligible expenses that can be reimbursed from a Dependent Care FSA, click  HERE.  For additional assistance contact Optum Financial at (844) 609-1806.

Healthcare expenses for an eligible dependent would be reimbursed using a Health Care FSA, NOT a Dependent Care FSA.

Find more information about eligible expenses that can be reimbursed from a Dependent Care FSA:


CARES Act-Relaxed the Dependent Care FSA Rules:

With schools and daycares closed and many people working from home, your dependent care expenses may have changed dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are examples of how this may affect your Dependent Care FSA enrollment or contributions:

  • If you are no longer able to send your child to daycare, or if you no longer need to do so because you are working from home, you are eligible to decrease your FSA election or stop participating in the plan.
  • If your child’s school closes and you need to enroll your child in daycare to allow you to continue to work, you are eligible to enroll in the Dependent Care FSA or increase your election.
  • When you return to your usual work schedule and childcare expenses, you can once again make changes to your FSA elections – reducing or increasing your expenses, or enrolling or disenrolling in the plan.

You must request a change to your FSA within 30 days of your change in status (for example, the date your spouse became unemployed or your child stopped attending daycare).


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